The Friends of South Cumberland State Recreation Area, Inc. is a 501(c)3 nonprofit public benefit corporation.
The mission of the Friends of SCSRA is to support the Park, preserve and protect it, and to serve as a mechanism to reach out to individuals to become involved.
February 7, 2015, Collins Gulf Hike to Suter and Horsepound Falls. Video by Michael Mitchell
Take the Plunge ... 15 Waterfalls in 2015!

The challenge for this year — hiking to 15 favorite waterfalls in the park — kicks off on Sat., March 14. The Waterfall Challenge 2015 (WC15) begins with a hike at Fiery Gizzard, providing a chance to visit five of the waterfalls on the list. Hikers should gather at the Grundy Forest parking lot pavilion (131 Fiery Gizzard Road, Tracy City, TN). Check-in begins at 9:00 a.m. (CST) with hikes departing by 9:30. Hikers will have an option to do the 5-mile hike to Sycamore Falls, which will take approximately 4 hours, or a shorter hike on the Day Loop, which will include 4 waterfalls and take about 3 hours. All participants should bring lunch and plenty of water.

The 15 falls selected for
WC15 are Greeter Falls, Boardtree Falls, Laurel Falls, Ranger Creek Falls, Horsepound Falls, Suter Falls, Savage Falls, School Branch Falls, Hanes Hole Falls, Blue Hole Falls, Black Canyon Cascade, Sycamore Falls, Yellow Pine Cascade, Anderson Falls and Foster Falls. Full details will be available soon on the FSC website. Many WC15 hikes will be offered in the coming months.To volunteer to help with the March 14 hike or upcoming hiikes, contact Challenge Chair Naullain Kendrick:
Friends of South Cumberland
2015 Friends of South Cumberland State Recreation Area, Inc. - - P.O. Box 816, Sewanee, TN 37375
Interim Park Manager George Shinn encourages everyone who cares about South Cumberland to attend a Public Hearing on Tuesday, March 31 at the park Visitors Center. According to Ranger Shinn, the hearing will focus on needs of the park and its future. The more who attend, the stronger the message that we care about our park and want to see the state invest in it. Social time will be from 5 - 6:00 pm and the meeting from 6 - 7:00.
Show you care. Be there!
Interim Park Manager
Ranger George Shinn
The first 100 runners to sign up get the privilege of participating in the legendary Savage Gulf Marathon, which covers 26 miles of boulder-strewn trails. The run, which is sponsored by the TN Park Rangers, needs volunteers to help with registration, sell Tshirts and provide general assistance to rangers. To lend a hand on race day, contact