Hiking in South Cumberland State Park was at the top of many New Year's resolution lists. We hope it is on your list too. The FSC plans a new challenge for 2015. Stay tuned! To get reminders as new hikes & events are announced, click here to join the 128 hikers in our
FSC Meet Up.
The Friends of South Cumberland State Recreation Area, Inc. is a 501(c)3 nonprofit public benefit corporation.
The mission of the Friends of SCSRA is to support the Park, preserve and protect it, and to serve as a mechanism to reach out to individuals to become involved.
Every Child in the Park!
The 2014 Tulip Poplar Award was won by the North Elementary School 5th Grade. Leah Hiett, at left, receives the trophy from Ranger Aaron. As part of Every Child in the Park activities, each 5th grade in Grundy County is treated to a day trip to Stone Door. The Tulip Poplar award, is given to the class that scores highest on a test covering the information learned on their hike. All proceeds from 2015 Trails & Trilliums (April 10-12) will go to "Every Child in the Park" initiatives, which are designed to connect children with nature.
Another Hiker
Marietta Poteet, at right, of Monteagle, did all 14 hikes in the Hike 'Em All Challenge. Marietta also completed the coursework and community service hours to become a Tennessee Naturalist. She is a VIP-Friend (Very Important PARK Friend) and a dedicated FSC volunteer.
Congratulations, Marietta.
will be featured on Tennesse's Wildside TV program in 2015. Filmed during last April's event, the piece will begin airing soon. Watch for it.

April 10-12 on your 2015 calendar for this year's Trails & Trilliums festival.
FSC members describing their special "Place in the Park"
"We are so thankful for the Friends' efforts to preserve South Cumberland State Park. We enjoy hiking and consider these idyllic retreats especially important for our children and grandchildren. Just a short drive to Fiery Gizzard and children can be in close contact with nature and learn to appreciate and help care for this land. It is fun to hear them say WOW! and AWESOME! It ís such an important legacy, and so important to spread the word and get others involved." — The Jacobs
New Book for a New Year!
FIERY GIZZARD By Mary Priestley
Anyone who loves "the Gizzard" will want a copy of this new book by FSC past president Mary Priestley, who is also the author of Hike 'Em All, a guide to a range of great hikes in the South Cumberland State Park; and Williams' Wildflowers, an introductory book for children. Fiery Gizzard: Voices from the Wilderness is available at the SC Visitors Center and via Amazon.

Visit the FSC online store to purchase Hike 'Em All, William's Wildflowers, trail map bandanas of Fiery Gizzard and Stone Door, Bazzania CDs and more.
Linda Spangler of Oak Ridge and Linda Daniels of Powell, TN, above, accepted the challenge to hike all 14 trails described in Mary Priestley's Hike 'Em All book, and they completed the120 miles of trails! Initially they joined in the FSC-led hikes, but ended up doing a number of trails on their own. Though they loved hiking with Mary Priestley, Naullain Kendrick, and others, scheduling issues made it easier to complete the hikes as a duo. The two say they are novice hikers who had only done a 12-mile hike before this! The Lindas will receive a HIKED 'EM ALL certificate and free FSC memberships for 2015. Congratulations!
Friends of South Cumberland
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